Liquid Rhythms V  (diptych) 54x60 Oil on CanvasCaribbean Blues (triptych) 32x60 Oil on CanvasAqueous (diptych) 32x64 Oil on CanvasMellifluous (4 panels) 44x88 Oil on CanvasSummertime Blues  36x60  Oil on CanvasLiquid Amber 24x40 Oil on CanvasCadence (triptych) 36x54 Oil on CanvasHarbor Blues 30x48 Oil on CanvasLiquescent  (diptych) 32x64  Oil on CanvasH20 4  32x16 ea.  Oil on CanvasLiquid Transitions III (diptych) 40x60  Oil on CanvasLiquid Blues 30x30 Oil on CanvasLiquid Transition (diptych) 30x70  Oil on CanvasLiquid Rythym 3  30x40 Oil on CanvasLiquid Blues III  20x60  Oil on CanvasDude   16 x 20   Oil on CanvasLiquid Rhythm I %26 II (diptych) 28x66 Oil on CanvasH2Orange (diptych) 40x56 Oil on CanvasLiquid Blues II 30x30 Oil on CanvasSlick  18x18  Oil on CanvasGalapagos Storm Petrel   12 x 16   Oil on CanvasMercurial  16x24 Oil on CanvasHoi An Man  12 x 16   Oil on CanvasColorado Gold  18 x 24   Oil on CanvasHoping for Breakfast  16 x 20  Oil on CanvasLadies of the Lake   16 x 20   Oil on CanvasGrand Lake Dawn   18 x 18   Oil on CanvasBonzai   27 x 40   Oil on CanvasYard for Jenney  18x30  Oil on CanvasLand's End   16 x 16  Oil on Canvas